STUDIO GALLERY was founded in Shanghai in early 2017, and now runs two physical spaces covering a total area of 400 square meters. Our gallery space is located on Xingguo Road, Xuhui District, and our residency space is located on Jiangzhi Road, Minhang District. 

STUDIO GALLERY is not simply a studio + a gallery. STUDIO GALLERY values the artist's working process, deeply explores and understands the motivation of the artist’s work, and strives to help artists transform values generated from their work into a consensus.

By August of 2020, we have held 18 exhibitions, 12 OpenStudio events and published 14 issues of ARTIST TALK newspaper.


1.About Residency


Our Residency space is located on Jiangzhi Road, Minhang Dist, Shanghai. It covers an area of 300 square meters. As a non-profit space focusing on the artist residency, our residency, research and publishing projects are supported by our independently operated gallery space as well as social and public support. We are looking forward to welcoming artists from all over the world to our residency to create new projects. We will carefully document and communicate the process and methods of each artist, as well as the topics generated from it.

After the integration and selection of the whole program, We will choose the artist from the project space to showcase in the gallery space and have further cooperation in the future.


2.Residency Duration and Quotas in2020AW


Residency Duration: 2020.09 - 12, applicants can choose any 2 months to stay.

Quotas: We can host 2 applicants at the same time. 4 quotas are available for our residency project. (2 quotas in Sep to Oct, 2 quotas in Nov to Dec)


3.What we hope from you


◆Artist (Independent artist with more than 3-5 years of working experience. Sculpture, photography, installation, painting, etc. No limits on medium.) 

◆Curator (postgraduate, doctor degree or graduate. For those who seriously see curators as their future careers)

◆ The artist is willing to do some experimental work and try some new themes and forms which are different forms of previous work.

◆ The artist should fully understand the meaning of residency project is not just for a cultural trip. Be responsible for his/her works' academic value. Ensure steady work and willing to cooperate with the working process documenting and interview shooting.

◆ Artists agree that Studio Gallery reserves the right to discuss and criticize his/her works based on academic views.

◆ Studio Gallery has the final right to cease the project at any time due to academic judgment.


4.Residency Facilities


Residency space covers an area of 300 square meters, a total of 3 floors.

◆ Contains 2 Artist Studio,2 private bedrooms for resident artists,1 shortage room,1 tool room ,1 darkroom,office, kitchen and courtyard.


5.Location & Surroundings


Residency space is located in high-end villa development (PuJiang Overseas Chinese City) on Jiangzhi Road, Minhang Dist, Shanghai. It is 1km away from PuJiang Town station of Metro Line 8. There is a FamilyMart 200 meters away from the west gate of the community. O’Mall is in 15 minutes walk (Carrefour is on the 2F) Nearby the residency space, there is the OCAT PuJiang Art Museum and several Green Lands. A widespread public artwork can be seen in the Overseas Chinese  City. Besides, the PuJiang Countryside Park and Zhao Jialou Ancient Town are in 20 minutes drive.




We will hold an OpenStudio event for the resident artist to present the resident project in the last week of the residency so that the different views from curators, artists and other insiders and audiences can be heard.


7.Artist Talk


Artist Talk newspaper contains the artist’s everyday creation process during the residency. We will publish a newspaper for each resident artist because it has come to our attention that art, exists in an artist's sincere thinking and work.


8.Artist Instructions



It is the responsibility of the artists to reach and apply for the appropriate visa (if necessary). Studio Gallery can provide a letter of invitation to the artist and other required documents for this purpose on request.


Artists are liable for the repair and replacement costs of any damaged property and equipment. The artist should make sure the used studio space will be back to its original status when they leave.


Studio Gallery does not provide any type of insurance for artists. We suggest artists buy insurance before the residency project start. The artists should make sure of their own safety.


9.Application Instructions


◆ Application fee

Each applicant: 10 USD (we will carefully review on each application)

◆ Information to be submitted

- Detailed resume (including education background and previous exhibition experience)

- Pictures and written materials of previous projects or works (no less than 10 works created in recent 5 years)

- The plan of your residency project (including the expected time period of       residence)

- Please attach application fee payment proof in your email

◆ Submission

- The above information shall be submitted by email to

- Email subject: 

Residency project application: John Robert 2020.10.3 - 2020.12.3

- Due to the network security restrictions, please do not upload the attachment bigger than 100M to avoid data download failure.

◆ Pay your application fee here:


(Please copy the link above in your browser to complete the payment with Paypal and please save your payment proof)


10.Residency Fee


Studio Gallery_Project Space is an independent non-profit space supported by Studio Gallery. The residency fee meets the minimal cost of running the residency. We encourage artists to manage the scholarship application, grants or financial support in their home countries during the application period. Studio Gallery will provide the necessary documentation to the selected applicant that so requires.

We will contact the artists who have applied for and meet the conditions to inform them of the residency fees.


Our residency plan for 2021 will be released at the end of October 2020, please stay tuned!