What we see looks back at us


14th, The very first solo exhibition of German artist Dagmar Keller was sucessfully opened in StudioGallery_Gallery space. The works on this exhibition were all taken during the time when artist was in Shanghai 2018. Including three series of works : “Collectors”, “Dear to me” and “Facing”.

The series “Collectors”, which is presented on seven human-height rice papers and placed at the entrance. Several times a day during their tour from waste bin to waste bin in a busy shopping street, these men have passed a huge billboard showing an idealized forest. 

Although the advertising billboard is exposed at first sight as a hollow promise, the scene draws reference to the tradition of landscape painting with all its connotations. The heavily laden men could have come from another time. On the one hand the scenes made the artist think of the contrasts of artificiality and naturalness and our desire for being one with nature, and on the other hand it reveals the contrasts within the reality of a contemporary Megacity, where some people can thoughtlessly pursue consumption while others struggle to earn their living by collecting other peoples‘ waste. 

In the right room, the photo installation "Facing"  is a series of work presents the powerful presence of the images that surround us. The artist used inkjet printing to present the image on semi-gloss poster paper. And it is presented in a matrix on the two walls of the space in a way of wallpapering, which creates an "unavoidable" impact on the vision.

The video installation “Dear to me" in the left room is an extended series of portrait photographs taken at the Bund, Shanghai. Through the lens, the artist has insight into people from all over the country, their lives and social habits. In China, due to the digital development of various fields of social life, the dividing line between the private and public space has also become blurred. Do you remember, under what circumstances would you have a video chat? What changes have the video chat brought to you and your communication with others?

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