Past 1 :Site-Specific Creation Project

This site-specific project starts at 10:00 a.m. on September 23, 2018 and will last until Sep25th for a period of 3 days. During this period, by blocking all the external lights, artist turned the entire gallery space into a camera.

In the mean time, The giant photographic paper placed inside will always be in the state of exposure, recording every movement of the audience entering the space. As the audience is the main factor affecting light, which makes the exposure on the photo-graphic paper in constant change.


《Party 》

Photographic papers was hanging on the walls of the darkroom. A party was arranged in between. Visitors who are standing or walking around as well as the light source that they carry, can have an influence on the paper. For example, if the glass is close to the paper when drinking, it will leave obvious marks.


《The Story Of Stone 》

Place the giant photographic paper onto the ground of a dark room, bury it with stones. The paper will remain in the process of exposure as the participants bring in light.


《Door Mat 》

A pocket under the door mat was made at the entrance of the darkroom. The photograhphic paper and fluorescent powder was put inside. In this way, the audience in and out of the dark room will affect the influence of phosphor onto the paper.

In addition, each audience will receive a piece of photographic paper from the artist for free to participate in the creation process. At the opening of following exhibition on Oct. 3rd, all the results will be displayed altogether with the artist’s work.

At the party,each audience will receive a piece of photographic paper (colored polaroid paper) for exposure freely. Before leaving the darkroom, the paper will be collected by the stuff, which will be developed by the artist in the subsequent exhibition.


Past 2 :Subsequent Solo Exhibition

The 3-day project results will be presented in the subsequent exhibition. So the artist had to install the “Dark Room” facilities inside the gallery space to develop all the films. Among them, "Party", "The Story Of Stone" and "Door Mat" series are the most importance part of this exhibition.

Artist :
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