2018. 08. 18 - 09. 16

Studio Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of Gu Jian’s solo exhibition "Making" on August 18th, 2018. This exhibition will present the most important paintings of the artist Gu Jian in the past 10 years.

Gu is very much adept in fitting into various materials and using them boldly and creatively to achieve a visual presentation that has never been seen before. With a large amount of practice accumulation, it makes him continuously generate new visual appeal. "The kind of effect that cannot be done in any other ways, it has to be formed at a heat and non-reproducible." Certainly, his visual desire is closely related to how his paintings were made, and also formed at a heat and non-reproducible.

So, the process of his painting is more like the way of making product. He sees his ideas engaged with painting and possibilities of materials as a process, a factor in creating new visual effects.

The painting Gregarious began in 2009 and completed in 2017, which has been revised several times. From the initial expression of his personal life situation to the harmonization of painting's own language evolvement. Over a long period, Gu is keep coordinating and changing while facing the tension stimulated between his own thoughts and contingency of materials. The final painting is neither a complete expression of his subjective feelings, nor an entirely depiction of the objective reality, but the image grows up in the development of his personal emotion and material language.

The Whale series are the main works completed in 2017. These four paintings have very delicate visual effects. artist uses rice, paint, sand, white glue, acrylic, oil painting and other materials, as well as stacking, spraying, smearing and many other methods. Each material effectively plays a role and integrate with other materials finely.

Altogether with the sequence of his making process, these factors produce the visual effects that far beyond his own ideas and overall experiences. What is more, these four Whales showed a subtle difference: The image of The Whale - 1 is more specific; the material of The Whale - 2 is more visually appealing; The Whale - 3 is more symbolic; The Whale - 4 stays in the characteristics of abstract language.

Studio Gallery 2018.08.18

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