August 10th, 2019, coincides with the second anniversary of the Studio Gallery_Project Space Residency Project, we are thrilled to present the exhibition "Residency Art" in our gallery space. “Residency Art” is a concept raised up by Studio Gallery. It represents our thinking and reflection about the way in which art is produced and the way it exists in today's global context. Residency space is not simply an alternative space for artist studios, but an exchange space for artist own production modes and ways of existence. Therefore, “Residency Art” is a special art phenomenon formed by artists’ strong willingness to communicate.

Since 2017, eight artists from four countries have been working in Studio Gallery_Project space. Among these artists, their artistic themes, working methods and mediums are different; Their motivations of being an artist and their education backgrounds are different; At the same time, as an artist, their professional vision of this identity are different and they are all at a different professionalism stage of their career. But they all came to Studio Gallery_Project space for an approximate two-month residency. 

When we decided to set up a project space for the residency program and to host artists from all over the world to work here, it was all came from a very simple wish, that is, communication. During this two-month time, each artist lives in this residency space with a separate studio room. We observe the whole process of a work emerged from scratch. With a lot of unscheduled talks, we try to understand everyone’s working ideas and approaches. And of course, many of the information beyond art such as views of life are also being widely shared. Such an exchange experience did exceed our expectations. It greatly enriched the intention of the job we are engaged in and simultaneously it also presented a huge complexity. So when we confront all these information, it arouses a strong desire to present them to the audience as direct as possible. 

This exhibition will be different from the past ones that only focused on artist works. We will present the documentary photos and videos of each artist during their residency time; together with the “Artist Talk” newspapers in which the content all came from the dialogues and talks with these artists. At the same time, a series of on-site panel talks and discussions based on the related topics will be held. Hopefully, to take this opportunity to trigger everyone’s thinking and we could reflect on our today’s environment: What is our aspiration? What kind of situation is art confronting today? What kind of world is being presented by each individual artist at the moment? Perhaps, something still warm will be perceived by us.

Artist :
  • Miguel Moreno Mateos
  • Mobi Dong
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