Studio Gallery_Gallery Space is honored to present our first exhibition of 2019: a solo show by artist Liu Jiadong. This is Liu’s second solo exhibition since his 2016 gallery show and 2018 residency project at Studio Gallery.

“In the process of making, I started to realize that I had been projecting a very subjective imagination upon my work, so I could ascribe some kind of ‘meaning’ to it. I was trying to make conclusions based on my artwork’s objective physical formation. When I became more conscious of this thought process, I realized it was a barrier between my works and myself. This way of thinking stole my most immediate and authentic perception of my work. I think this might be the reason why people cannot see themselves clearly. This stupid self-projection blinded me.”

—— Liu Jiadong

“We’ve all had the experience of traveling from one place to another. We will usually prepare before going to a new place, by getting to know some basic information about that place or asking friends who have been there before. Our brain will start working; it will construct an image of that place. This makes our expectations high and intense. When we actually arrive at that place, we will feel a vertigo and unreal-ness about it. After we actually connect with the people and scene there, the concrete and mundane activities will reconcile our expectations and projections. A new image is then constructed. This hardly perceptible experience makes me doubt, to what degree, have we really been to this place?

I think this exhibition of Liu’s is based on this question. He spent about 10 days working in this space, working away from an image he had for what the exhibition would be; for this is an exhibition that only truly developed after he arrived at Studio Gallery. He restrained his subjective imagination and used his body to connect himself with the space. He cut and reconstructed his way of working and inevitably his response to reality. Within the walls of this gallery, Liu surmounted all obstacles to at last proclaim his vision of this space as ‘objective’”.

—— Ou Ming
Artist :
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