Space Out


The exhibition theme: Space Out, is a description of the status of mankind. The feeling of “Spacing out” appears often in daily life, but actually really hard to be defined and also hard to find a certain trail to repeat.

What we can do here is to try to describe this condition as an instantaneous distraction, giving up the ego, getting into the sense of blending with nature. Under this condition, human acts could always come with real creativities. because the individuals blend with the information of nature to the greatest extent so that the individual consciousness could get harmonized then becomes part of the information and takes part in the whole process of this condition.

It is really difficult to get the trail of getting into such a condition. Your subject consciousness will be in a most powerful status at the moment when you actually want to go with the old experience, try to repeat it again. Such a paradox precisely proves that the “spacing out” moment is a golden time, yet difficult to reach.

The works of Zhou Mo present us that specific condition to the greatest extent. The self-made trash bag balloons are hung in a row. This object has the trait of inviting the spectators to interact. Even though they don’t, “Jiggle Jiggle” is also created as a subjective object, exists right over there. The plasticine was pushed tenderly through the grids. Pressure, a pure physical phenomenon is noticed. Us human should now adjust ourselves to be a simple tool, so that we could finish such a phenomenon. When we see the result, we see the whole process of the pushing. There are more similar works, the self-made inwrought wedding picture; the combination of selfie and movie screenshot; putting a goat toy inside of a perfect sized box of speaker. We try out best to describe every work with the angle of motions, because behind every motion, is the reflection of human status.

Why we say the condition of “spacing out” is really important, especially nowadays, when everyone is vehemently strengthening the self-assertion; using logic, theories as the core of work; speaking out “loudly”. Zhou Mo’s works present us the totally different existence: listening to the nature, emptying ourselves and facing the real life with feelings; the whole condition of thinking aloud. That is why we are so excited to present such an exhibition.

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