Think Less Stupid More


For the very first exhibition in 2020, Studio Gallery is thrilled to present the first solo exhibition of French artist Alexandre Bavard in China. The exhibition will last until March 8th.


As to the artist,  Alexandre Bavard, who came from a professional training background, but he is never that kind of stereotype. On the contrary, he is always relaxed, interesting and open to different media, however, he devotes a great deal of professionalism as an artist in every media and in every form he explores and lets the audience harvest their own experience in the works. Because of this, creating unique experiences has become the biggest driving force in his creation.

So how does he feel about Shanghai? and what kind of experience he would create for us in Studio Gallery?! Here is the motif of this exhibition:


Shanghai, January 2020.


Scooters parade along the wide boulevards of East Nanjing Road.

Sweaters, hoodies, furs, masks, identities become dark when the night falls.

Workers build scaffolding. The towers rise. A metallic sound ricochets from bamboo to the ears of passers-by.

The urban rhythm cadences with the sound of whistles.

Shopping malls illuminate the gray sky in weightlessness with their LEDs. Neon reflections shine on the soaked sidewalk.

In the middle of the crowd, lighting up like a warning in the night, smoke reveals a sentence on a T-shirt: "THINK LESS, STUPID MORE".

—— Alexandre Bavard

Artist :
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