Water Body Time


Studio Gallery _ Gallery Space is proud to present sculptor Ou Ming's latest solo show, Water Body Time, second solo show of the artist in our gallery after two and a half years. Ou Ming first garnered attention for creating plaster-only sculptures. Over the past 15 years, with the deepening of his practice and accumulation of experience, Ou Ming’s sculpture has become more and more “simple”. There are no complex shapes in his work; you can’t detect any intentions as the artist himself has become more and more transparent.

The series 《Make Time Tangible2018》 is arranged in the middle. Four white delicate solid plaster sculptures stand on the cement - colored floor. Shape and color, which stimulates visual association, are cut off by the artist so that our attention is focused on the sculptures’ surface: the subtle traces left by the Ou Ming’s hand manifest the presence of the artist’s body. Simultaneously, the white splatters and pools at the base of each sculpture were not erased but allowed to dry as evidence of material process. By encapsulating the material process, the artist implies that creation is still “happening right here, right now.” Since plaster solidifies quickly, the artist emphasizes this feature by gradually shaping the plaster sculpture layer by layer. During which, he experiences the tactile difference of plaster changing from liquid to solid and the spiritual transformation between what the artist “wants to do” and what “turns out to be reality” over and over again.

《Garden》 series is the most recently created series featured in the show Water Body Time. The series is appropriately named Garden as each piece will be watered like a plant everyday. After being watered, the bright color on the surface will disappear and gradually reappear in the process of drying. The artist’s desire to produce a series of constantly changing and growing entities presents artwork always in a state of variation and easily witnessed by anyone. Just like flowers, they will grow, bloom and wither.

The third series《Situation》 appears very “sci-fi” visually. The bright white room contains three hollowed plaster spheres with a rough surface left by the artist’s hands. By placing colorants inside each piece in advance, the bright colors spread out from the bottom of the sphere and seep into the ground. With time passing and the water evaporating inside each piece, the color spread further and further. At this moment, the viewer’s feelings of unease, excitement, and expectation integrate holistically into the entire space.

Back to this exhibition Water Body Time: How does water trigger body's movement? How does the body experience the meaning of time? How does time make all these feelings concrete and real? Hope you can find the answer, from the works in the exhibition.

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