What's the Time?


Studio Gallery Shanghai is thrilled to present the solo exhibition of artist Zhang Yangbiao 「What's the Time?」.

After the 2018's residence at Studio Gallery_Project Space, this exhibition will be the first showcase of his recent years of development.

“What's the time? The meanings vary greatly in different contexts. It may be that the date is late, it may be too late to sleep, and you are hungry. Ask what time is it. Modern society is keen on precise time-management, seeking desperately for efficiency. But living in such a timeline also imposes anxiety on individual life. Where are those true feelings? Sleep when you are sleepy, and eat when you are hungry. There is only a distinction between day and night. That seems to be such a precious state at present. But How do our lives look like when the time hasn't been divided into such a dimension? It evokes romantic imaginations in my mind. Were they fighting with nature for survival? Or lying down in the haystack, humming some unknown tunes to themselves? Then check the clock, what's the time?"

-Zhang Yangbiao

Artist :
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