What is Studio Gallery_Project Space?

Studio Gallery_Project Space is an independent non-profit space, established in early 2017. The artist's work records, discussions and publications based on academic research are the core of the long-term work of the project space. Up to now (August 2019), we have successfully presented complete projects of nine resident artists, and have kept complete image records and written records behind each project.

Studio Gallery_Project Space is also the ‘engine’ of the Studio Gallery. Here, ‘truth’ is our core value, the artist's real creative process; the true trajectory of the artist's ideological development, and the moment of the artist's thinking changes, are what we appreciate the most. After the integration and selection of the whole program, We will choose the artist from the project space to showcase in the gallery space and have further cooperation in the future.

Also, we are open to hear different voices toward art, so we invite outstanding curators, artists, independent art critics from around the world to communicate and discuss with our resident artists. We record the moment when the thought is bursting, with lens and words, then edit them into a newspaper. Until now, we have published nine issues of "Artist Talk" newspapers independently. In the near future, the “Artist Talk" literature will also be available to publics.